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Educational Resources

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  • Using The Internet To Help With Homework

    In this video Al Roker discusses all the valuable research tools available online for students and lifelong learners. You can use these tools for any research or questions you might have. View
  • The Internet of' Things'

    The 'things' in our life are getting on the Internet and that’s making them 'smarter.'  View
  • How to be a good online citizen

    Sometimes communicating via computers can feel anonymous and make people lose touch with the impact of what they say online.  View
  • How does Wikipedia work?

    Wikipedia is an amazing resource, but it’s not always clear what helps to ensure that the articles are factual and high quality. View
  • The secrets of the World Wide Web

    Learn the systems that makes up the World Wide Web, including explanations of browsers, code packets, servers and links. View